To ensure the best, we give you the best – and only use a team of trusted builders to construct your project.

Meet your team who’ll be on the tools:

Phil Nearhos, Director

With 16 years experience building bespoke homes for clients, Phil has carved out a speciality as a luxury home builder in Brisbane’s inner-suburbs, project managing small renovations through to full-scale Queenslander transformations. Clients can expect to see Phil onsite as the project manager, master builder and client contact – three roles he juggles with a big smile. When he’s not on site you’ll find Phil surfing and golfing, or better yet, trying to fit both into the same day.

Jono Carothers, Carpenter

Jono is one of PNC Built’s carpenters and has 20 years’ industry experience under his (tool) belt. When it’s tools down for the weekend, this family man enjoys spending time with his two girls and spending time at the race track with his race horse called Niva (not Nino, we checked).


Ben Lowther, Carpenter

Ben is the gentle giant of the PNC Built team and is in charge of reaching things in high places. He brings 15 years’ experience to the worksite and has worked alongside Phil on and off for five years. When he is off, Benny heads overseas to Zambia to do community volunteer work and put his carpentry skills to good use by working on infrastructure projects at local schools (what a legend). In his spare time and when he’s not jumping out of planes for charity, Ben spends time with his young family surfing, camping and chilling at the beach.

Nino Hatzifotis_PNC Built

Nino Hatzifotis, Apprentice

Nino might be the youngest member of the PNC Built team but don’t worry about this little builder-in-the-making. PNC’s resident apprentice prefers to pick on those not his own size, taking on the rest of the team with his cheeky sense of humour. When he’s not on the tools or sharing his lunch with Pippa, Nino likes to play the PS4, battling it out in alternate universes.

PNC Sam Stevens

Sam Stevens, Apprentice

We couldn’t let Nino be the only apprentice onsite, so have welcomed another apprentice into the PNC Built family. Sam started working in the building industry as a school-based apprentice and brings four years’ experience to the jobsite. Sam’s favourite stage of a build is fixout stage when you can see the project come to life. When he’s not rocking the coolest sunnies onsite, Sam fills his weekends popping a wheelie or two on his motorbike.

Katrina - PNC Built

Katrina Richards, Admin & Accounts

Armed with an English Breakfast tea and a toolbelt of a different kind, Katrina takes care of all accounts and administration for PNC Built. With thirty years experience in record keeping, Katrina ensures the professionalism you find on site is reflected through every aspect of the business. When she’s not powering through paperwork like a ninja, she admits to binging on Netflix more than she probably should.

Pippa, World’s Worst Guard Dog

Pippa is the youngest member of the PNC team, bringing three years experience of bone chewing, mud rolling and serial malting on anyone who tries to give her a pat. You’ll find her on site from time to time – although she proves more of a hinderance than a help, due to her penchant for chasing tennis balls and her golden mane getting tangled on everything. Follow Pippa’s adventures on Instagram @PNC_Built.